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Sweet Night

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  • Слушали: 154
  • Длительность: 2:43
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Лейбл: Moves
  • Опубликовано: 14 март 2020
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Клип и текст песни:
Ayy, cut like clean
Move mad with the blade like Scream
Leave that bitch in the A&E
Pagans keen they can’t even breathe
But they all kids cause I move like Chucky
Gyal give ucky, man can’t touch me
Man wanna rust on Mr. Sheen
Man wanna pop that bean
Candy man wanna ride with the hook
All of the kids them shook
Leave man fiction looking like Pighead
Michael Myers done made man Jook
Jook Jook Jook myself like an emo
Can’t find the opps like they Nemo
Don’t cross the line like a free throw
Man better not check that peephole
LS got the dance on lock
hiding spots
Man love chat but they glide on opps
But they don’t want smoke on a beat they’re soft
Them man getting provided guap
When I hit that beat it’s a violent bop
If I get locked then I lie to cops
Can’t stand them lies you (lies you)
Freddy and Jason
Man skrrt like I got that mask on (uh)
Like fuck the pagans
Made fire cause we fuck with the arson (uh)
Won’t talk in person
On xanny but I don’t wanna hear it
Clear it, don’t even take your spirit
Limit, can you handle this skill it
Bill it, really get high no gimmick
Dangerous, man have to flip these lyrics
They say, man have to take these visits
Tay-K's gotta find a golden ticket
I’ll show you how this ting get busy
Black skin down
Face got scars
Better run from us
Runnin far with post cause i’m looking more brown
See man far cause im sick of my town
See me down cause im sick of my house
See me down cause im drawing up plans
AVP, come to the dome
And I sort that so light JBC
Come make me see
Send my headstone call my death like CBC
No Reeses piece of a girl that sweet
Get me down, If I don’t make beats
Get me down, If I run my feet
Get me down, If I don’t make heat (ya yuh)
Some are done, grab the gun
Cara dead on Donald Trump
Gina dead don’t give a fuck
Americano fuck it up
Fly your flag right up your a.
Click clack call you back
Any busy time to hustle
Tic tock 'boutta blow up like Brussels
Wanna go toe to toe so let’s tussle
Got up out the building gotta get that duffle (uh)
Think I might be in trouble
If I see the feds then I hit the rubble
Tryna cut man off by my chinny chin chin
Now check my stubble
Hold up, wait a fucking minute
Imma take a chance and look im winning
You just wanna act like your oh so different
Pussy boy hoe and they get 6 foot digits (uh uhh)
Look at my digits uhh
All of my riches uhh
Look at my bitches uhh
Look at my digits uhh
All of my riches uhh
Look at my bitches uhh
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